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 Lance Financial Associates, Inc.
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At Lance Financial Associates, Inc.

Our mission is:

  • The highest quality investment and financial planning advice


  • Investment structures to help lower risk


  • Investment strategies designed to provide opportunities for growth


  • Service that exceeds expectations


  • Solutions to inspire you to make the right decisions for your future

A Referral Based Firm
"We have built much of our business through referrals."  As an Independent Financial Representative, we can offer you a broad range of products that are not limited to any particular company”.  As a referral-based firm, we can take the time to continuously research all available options for our clients and base our recommendations to you on choices from everything that is available.  “It also allows us to provide you with an excellent level of service”.  It’s a simple and effective business philosophy.  We’d rather spend our time doing the best possible job for you and taking the best possible care of your ongoing needs, than spend our time pursuing new clients.

Our Focus

  • Locate and monitor accounts that seek to provide principal protection and attractive yields.
  • Design investment strategies with the objective of providing an inflation-adjusted income for your retirement, to supplement pension income if needed.
  • Strategies to reduce or eliminate income taxes on savings earnings
  • Creating a plan to avoid probate and estate taxes
  • Protect savings from nursing home costs, even when long-term-care insurance is not an option
  • 401 (k), IRA and Pension Plan rollover options
  • Stop the IRS from inheriting savings that we want to pass on to loved ones.

As I mentioned, we are a referral-based firm.  Over 80% of our clients come to us by referrals.  This is an extremely important reason why we feel we are different from many other financial services firms We work hard to ensure our goals and the goals of our clients are in alignment. We work together with clients in pursuit of their financial objectives.  We do not spend time as a firm "searching out" new clients or "looking for transactions" simply to make money. On the contrary, we are focused on our clients and are then rewarded with a steady stream of referrals because of our priorities and our passion to serve our clients. 

Please help us continue to run our business in this manner by referring us to at least 3 people whom we may be able to help like we helped you.

We treat your referrals with complete respect.  We never just pick up the phone and call them.  Instead, we mail them introductory information with a Reply Form that allows them to let us know whether or not they want further communication with us, so that they know right away that they are in complete control of what, if anything, happens next.  We often, in fact, get thank-you notes from referrals, even when they are not ready to talk to us, thanking us for the manner in which we contacted them.

These are the folks we can help the most:
• People who are retired
• People who are close to retirement
• People who have changed jobs and may have had a retirement plan (401k, etc.) with a previous employer
• Public School Teachers or Administrators, whether retired or still working

We  receive fees for the services and products that you choose.  In return, we only ask that, if we keep all of our promises to you, if you’re completely satisfied with the choices we helped you to make and if you’re comfortable with the process through which you made your choices, then you’ll refer family and friends to us.

Our Promises To You
We make the following promises to you:

  • We will listen to you carefully, so we can show you all available options based on what we think you should have.
  • We will always put your best interest first, even if that means referring you to someone else who can serve you better or letting you know that we can’t help you.
  • We will never apply any “sales pressure” or try to rush you to make a decision.  We find out from you what’s important to you.  We’ll make you aware of all your options.  We’ll advise you of the benefits and features of each option, as well as the drawbacks.  Once you decide which options you’re most comfortable with, we’ll either help you chose the most competitive providers or refer you to someone who can better serve you or let you know that we can’t help you.  We simply ask, in return, that you be as direct and straight forward with us as we are with you.
  • We will always provide you the very best service possible long after any transactions are completed.

What Our Being a Referral-Based Firm Means To You
We earn being a referral-based firm by considering only your best interest in our recommendations to you, even if that means passing on an opportunity to do business with you.  Our objective is not to complete a transaction and move on.  We continuously strive to provide our clients with an excellent level of service.  We are attentive to every detail that can help you protect and get the most from your savings.  This includes continuous access to concise, objective information you can use to make decisions that are comfortable for you in all areas of managing your savings.  Our dedication to your best interest allows us to be a referral-based firm.



 "Securities America and it's representatives do not provide tax or legal advice.  Please consult a qualified professional for these services."

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